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Then don’t. Split the bill, most women don’t really mind….

You’re purposely confusing two very different things. No one calls the father of an aborted pregnancy a deadbeat dad. And equally no one calls a mom that runs out on her actually born child pro-life.

Great! Go do that! Go actually stand for something.. oh what’s that, you just wanna use that to shut up women that are fighting negatively gender stereotype..oh right.

I wanna give you the benefit of the doubt here and in theory yes you are right but the use of the word “when” is quite telling…

Good for you! Fuck the 98 in a 100 cases of rape actually being rape, let’s focus on the estimated 2 in a 100 that are false (and almost always false in that the wrong person was arrested not that there was no rape). This is clearly the key issue here! Also don’t stop there! False accusations of rape are no more likely than false accusations of any crime! I hope you’re filled with equal rage about the 2% chance of someone falsely accusing you of cheating on your tax returns!

Yeah, again, you really don’t have to…

Not sure anyone was trying to get rid of all men in the workforce….. Although seems like an argument that could be made for all genders…

Ah! You again. Let’s split the bill 50/50 but 1 yes to 50 no’s should mean you have full access to her vagina! How are you still available?! Ladies?!

Nope, it’s a crime…

While it’s true that percentage-wise women certainly do win more custody battles, and I’ve no doubt there have been cases where the father may have been the more fit parent this is a part of a much bigger issue. You see women aren’t winning these cos of some massive feminist conspiracy. They don’t have a secret cabal of high powered feminists doling out these awful custody decisions while laughing manically. If they did they’d have made a lot more important issue equal by now. The reason this exists is because women are told from birth that they are there to make and raise kids. Young girls have dolls of babies that they are barely older than themselves. Young girls get kitchen sets and frequently are later in life are expected to give up their career to raise the kids. You want equality at the end of the process fine but you can’t start there. You need to start at the beginning, do away with gender stereotypes, give your son a doll to play with, drop out of uni and raise your kid while your wife works, these things are what will lead to equal rights in custody battles, not just moaning about the outcome.

Why would you have one? Does she get a choice when you wank into a sock?

Again like with all the boo hoo dinner stories, women don’t really give a shit. If it was a choice of door being held open, getting on a bus first, having you ass grabbed once a week, being shouted at while jogging, being whistled at every day … or.. none of those things you know what women would choose? See the problem with a lot of people like this is they see a tiny part of sexism which to their mind looks like an advantage to women and they then immediately swing to “oh if they want equally I’ll fuckin give it to them! no more holding open the door. In fact I’m going to push against the door just to teach that bitch a lesson”. And that’s all a bit crazy. Hold the door open for everyone no? Unless they are really far away and walking super slow… then just leave it.

Seriously ladies. Someone marry this guy quick!

Women, Ben is tired of the whole menstrual cycle thing. Now I know you might think “hey but the headaches, and cramps and bleeding and all that, you know that really effects me so what does-” SHUT UP BEN DPESN’T GIVE A SHIT! He’s FED UP WITH IT. Just stop that yeah?

I’m genuinely unsure if this is supposed to be parody….


I guess this is post-masculism?

It is a lark whining about being under paid, under represented, stereotyped out of all recognition in media, constantly the victim of sexual harassment and having a 1 in 5 chance of being the victim of a serious sexual assault. Good times!


Snoop Doggy Sam will be deciding going forth on whether the clothes you choose to wear justify your harassment.

A pertinent and timely message from Duncan. If only Martin Luther King had Duncan around. “I hear what you are saying Doctor K, but…how do I put this…. why do you keep focusing on the issues black people are facing?”. You think maybe it’s because the vast majority of issues derived from sexism, those that don’t include paying for dinner bills, you know the actual issues, maybe cos they almost exclusively are prejudiced against women?

No it means you should just help anyone that need help…

Nope, 22.1% of women and 7.4% of men report being the victims of domestic violence. Also women tend to be the victims of more severe forms for abuse. I am sure however that the figure for men in reality is higher due to their being a stigma for guys to report it. However 1) I would not expect this unreported % to be higher or even as high as the % of women that do not report due to the fear of further violence + This stigma is something that is caused by the patriarchy and not as many MRAs believe by feminism.

This really seems to be the main issue…

8 thoughts on “#INeedMasculismBecause

  1. charlotte2153

    The mind truly boggles. I wish the biggest issue facing women was being “expected” to pay for dinner, but d’you know what? I don’t know any woman that wouldn’t be ok with splitting the bill. Masculism is a joke.

  2. I love the way one of them whines that if he doesn’t want to keep a baby (IE force his girlfriend to have an abortion), he gets tarred as a deadbeat dad rather than pro-choice.

    But er, if you are pro-choice you are in favour of the woman’s right to choose, not your right to choose on her behalf.

    There are no words really, are there.

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